10-13 Novalogue

OK, listen to me I know you may think new schools are great and all, but stop thinking then. (breathe in and out) My… school… sucks. I really don’t get it.My mom said that when we moved I would love my new school. She said it had great education and good teachers but, I don’t think she has ever met them because they are not great, they’re terrible. They made me sit next to this really smart kid and told me I should help him learn because he wasn’t the “brightest.” (Starts to get worried) I mean really teacher, he was ten times smarter than me. But that’s not all they keep calling me Max/Maxine, I’m not Max/Maxine. I just ended up playing along with it in the end, but I was so confused. Worst of all in every class I had a test, on my FIRST day of school, and they weren’t even standard tests. They were incredibly hard. I think I learned more today than I have in my entire life! Talk about over-achieving! I mean- (looks at phone with mouth open and reads text) Hi, I am sorry to inform you, but you were mixed up with a different student. Your school is West Middle School not UGC, which is the University for Gifted Children. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. (Puts down phone) What? Well that sure explains things!