9-12 Novalogue

AGES 9-12 

Title: “Half Birthday”
By: Emma Fequet, Age 11, Quebec, Canada
Source: dramanotebook.com 

Why can’t I have the doll(choose a toy)? It’s my half birthday! I deserve it 100%. But I really want the (choose the toy)! And there are only ten left in the whole world! What can I do to convince you to buy it for me? Okay, hear me out. So, I was thinking that I could do the dishes! And even dry them! I can’t reach the sink though, ummm, how about… I can make you BOTH, breakfast in bed for a full week! No?! Then a whole month! That’s the most I can do! Never mind, I don’t know how to cook… Ok then, I could give you five dollars from MY piggy bank, to help pay for the doll. Excuse me?! 100 dollars? That’s impossible! Last time I checked, it was ten dollars. But I may have read the number wrong… Fine then if you’re not gonna buy it for me, I guess I will have to buy it for myself! I am going to go pack my stuff, get a job, and move out! GOODBYE!!! (Starts to leave, but returns.) I’m sorry. I get it. I should be grateful for what I have. But could I HAVE IT, by any chance? Please!