16+ Novalogue


Title: Detention
By: Isabelle Bidal, Age 18, Ontario, Canada
Source: dramanotebook.com 

Hey! Can you stop? Just for a second? Tapping your pencil on my chair for this whole 30 minutes won’t make the time go by quicker. (tapping persists) Okay, fine, you want to talk? I can talk. Let’s start with this – I have NEVER been in detention. Okay? I have been a straight-A student since I came out of the womb. I have participated in clubs you have never even heard of and my extracurricular record spans 5 pages. I have been captain of the debate club since you said your first word and believe it or not, sitting here beside (pause) obvious genius’ like you is not exactly how I wanted to spend my time tonight. Why am I here? All I wanted to do was share some of my knowledge with this girl in class. (embarrassed) Unfortunately for me, I may have gone a bit overboard and called her a stupid wheel of cheese… Now I’ll never be invited to her parties… It’s not my fault some people are just born idiots…(pause) Can you.. Stop tipping your chair back. You’re gonna… aaaand you fell.