4-8 Novalogue

AGES 4-8years 

Title: The Waste of a Totally Good Jelly Bean 

By :Tara Meddaugh

Source: https://www.tarameddaugh.com/

There is a wrong way. There’s really a wrong way and you’re doing it, Dad! You’re doing it so wrong wrong wrong wrong! You’re totally wasting them! You know how hard it was for me to get those? I mean, I waited all year…since last Easter. And—I—I—I don’t mind sharing with you. Really. I like it when I can give you something that I really like and you like it too. But—this—this is just wrong, Dad. When someone gives you 20 jelly beans, and they’re all different flavors like popcorn and chocolate pudding and blueberry, you don’t just—you don’t just shove them all in your mouth at once! Then you don’t taste anything and it’s just this giant blob of like, I don’t know, sugary melted plastic or something. You gotta…. ( Fill this in with your own way to eat a Jelly Bean)