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This category is open to both non union and union actors. 

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Self Tape Audition

We are thrilled to be inviting young actors to submit self tapes for an opportunity to be cast in one of two exciting Indie Short Films (This is separate from the “Your Favourite Self Tape” category). Please read the character descriptions below and select one. Fill out the submission form (Submission form buttons are at the bottom of this page and are different than the submission forms elsewhere in the site). Sides will then be emailed to you. These submissions are open to Actra members. Non Union actors are welcome to submit, and will be considered for Background Performer roles.

All roles will be paid, low budget films.

Our Director Cameron Gunn will select the actors for the roles below. Actors selected will also receive a Nova Star Award.

Please fill out and make your submission by February 28th, 2020, at 8pm.
Sides will be emailed to you after your submission is received.

Self tapes will be due back March 7th, 2020 at 8pm.     EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 14th, 2020 at 8pm .

Filming to take place End of May/June 2020 
Logline: Eight year old Elliot is faced with the grief and loss of her best friend when her mother’s “straight” girlfriend calls it quits.
Filming to take place End of May/June 2020
Characters : 
Elliott Age 4-12 Female
She is in elementary school. She acts like a little adult and often spends her time in the company of adults, but longs for friends her age. She is a bit of an outsider and has a hard time making friends at school. She idolizes Gracie and dotes on her every word. She is stubborn and opinionated and strong willed. She is empathetic and artistic. She is in the company at her dance school. 
Caleb Age 4-12 Male 
Caleb is a boy in Elliot’s class. He is not the athletic popular kid. He is a bit awkward and has a big heart. He is very endearing and introspective. He should be a bit of an underdog. 
Filming to take place in 2021 

Gunner Age 13 – 19 Male or Female
Could be any gender. Teenager. Goofy, alternative, and funny. He/She/They is in a rebellious teenage phase and likes to party. Artsy and plays in a band with friends.

About the Director

Cameron Gunn

Cameron is a writer, director and actor with KG Talent. At the age of eighteen Cameron was scouted by Ford Models New York and consequently spent the next seven years as an international model working for clients such as Cosmo, Ralph Lauren, Elle, and Vogue in Paris and New York. Following her fashion career, she went on to obtain her theatre and teaching degrees. She has published academic articles and co-authored a dramatic arts textbook “Dramaworks” which has had Canada wide sales. Cameron completed her Masters of Arts at OISE and has been involved in speaking at conferences such as Unicef that address equity arts initiatives in education. After a twelve-year position as a high school educator and theatre department head, Cameron recently started a production company “3 Gunn Productions” with the goal of producing content that explores the intricacies of relationships in all their forms. Cameron also works as a set teacher on many productions in the city. Cameron studies acting at Lonsdale-Smith Studios in Toronto. She is the process of developing three projects, one of which a short film “Besties” which she is delighted to partner with Nova Star in casting.